TALLINN – Mati Raidma, chairman of the Estonia-Ukraine parliamentary group in the Riigikogu, said during a discussion of the statement in support of Ukraine's independence in the parliament on Tuesday that Estonia is with Ukraine in words and deeds.

"Today, as Russia's pressure policy for the reintroduction of spheres of influence has brought the international security balance to a state of great tension and the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine into a direct crisis, Ukraine needs every possible support, both in word and deed," Raidma, MP from the Reform Party, said.

He pointed out that the parliamentary group in its statement of July 16 denounced the illegal annexation of Crimea, human rights violations, in particular the oppression of minorities and racial discrimination against Crimean Tatars, and the disregard of international law by the Russian Federation.

Raidma acknowledged the Estonian Ministry of Defense, the defense forces and the International Center for Defense and Security for their practical cooperation with Ukraine.

"Genuine help for our good partner Ukraine is in words as much as in deeds. Let's be active in both. This way we can be stronger together to uphold our state-related and national core values," Raidma added.

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